The Miracle of Ik

Children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages -Lance Armstrong

I have a very short story to tell today.

On Friday after school I was invited to have dinner and beer with Teacher Oi and his family. Oi is the man who has been driving me to school; he lives across the street from me. It was a lovely meal with his big family (nephews, nieces, wife, and son), but he is the only one of them who speaks English. So while the rest of his family celebrated the end of the week together, Oi told us this story:

A few years ago when his son Ik was born, the doctors told Oi that the boy was sure to die. He had a collapsed lung and had to live in an incubator for the first week of his life. Oi and his wife were distraught. They went to pray every night, but the boy showed no signs of getting better. At the end of the first week the doctors said that Ik would not live through a second week.

Teacher Oi

Teacher Oi, father of Ik

That night Oi’s wife asked him for a special favor. “Get him his name,” she asked. They had not yet given Ik a name. Perhaps they were afraid of growing too attached to a son who seemed about to die. Or perhaps Thai tradition dictates the parents wait several weeks before naming their children. I am not sure. But Oi’s wife was certain that their prayers were not being heard because the child was nameless. Whatever power answers prayers could not know him because he didn’t have a name.

Oi registered a name for his son that very night. The next morning, the doctors informed them that Ik had made a complete recovery.

Ik is not his full name, it’s a nickname. I don’t know the full name, but I know what it means in English: miracle.

I am very proud to know Oi and Ik.


5 thoughts on “The Miracle of Ik

  1. Awwwww what a sweet story Paul. Prayer can be so powerful. You sound great Honey. Thanks for sharing. Love you, Debby xo 😃

  2. Paul, that is a beautiful and moving story. How kind of Oi and his family to have you over to their house, and it’s special that he shared such a personal story. I’m glad you shared it with all of us…it’s very touching. I love you.

  3. Paul, What a truly beautiful story told wonderfully ! You can’t imagine how much “Nochus” we are getting from sharing this great experience. We know you will have many more but there is something special about the first big adventure that will stay with you forever. We are especially pleased to learn how much you enjoy the kids and how important they are to you. Thank you for sharing. We start each morning running to the computer for news from Paul. Keep well. Stay cool! We love you , Grammy and Pops xxooxx

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