The Future is Wet

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head. –BJ Thomas

The rainy season has begun!

You folks back home in America, who live 11-14 hours behind me in the year 2015, where it doesn’t rain every day and the weather does not often tip over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, might think that rainy season is a dark, dismal time of year full of sogginess and cabin fever.

But let me tell you, rainy season is a blessing. I know this for sure because I am from the future. Not just 11-14 hours into the future, either. I live 543 years, 11-14 hours in the future.

That’s right! Here in Thailand it’s the year 2558.

That is because Thailand follows the Buddhist calendar, which began over five centuries earlier that the Gregorian/Christian calendar. This is not often an issue for me—it was initially difficult to adjust to the hovercraft and mélange spice, and other futuristic accoutrements, but now I am settled into future life.

All joking aside, it hasn’t been difficult adjusting to the ‘new’ date. Mostly this is thanks to the fact that it is rarely an issue—I don’t often have to write the date. Furthermore, the students at Bunditnoi have to write the date as 2015 on all their assignments in order to get used to doing things ‘the English way.’ So the date is not an issue, simply one of the many gems of cultural dissonance.

I suppose to the Jewish side of my family, I am still millennia behind. I don’t know what century I belong to!

Back to the rain!


“Those raindrops keep fallin’ on my head; they keep fallin’…”

Rainy season began in earnest a week ago. Almost every day this week it has rained between 15 minutes and an hour. There are days of light rain and days of heavy rain. The days of heavy rain are torrential. As long as you’re not caught outside in it, it’s even beautiful. After the rain, no matter what time of day, the weather cools down by several degrees. That is why rainy season is a joy.

‘The future’ is wet in one other way: before the rain comes the weather is just as hot as Texas and much more humid. Whatever clothes I wear to school are invariably soaked with sweat by the time I get home!

Rain, fans, and air conditioning (a warning to anybody who might ever go to Thailand: the latter is difficult to come by!) are three blessings here in Thailand.

More on everything to come!

Be dareful.


3 thoughts on “The Future is Wet

  1. Paul, use your status wisely…don’t give us all of “the answers” of the future…the rest of us need to get there in our time and in own way 🙂 ! Stay cool. Love you!

    P.S. Do hovercraft come in pink 😉 ??

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