Project Nepal: the Last Step in the Journey

Buddhist prayer flags and mount Everest

I am proud to announce that on March 1, 2016 I will begin a month-long volunteer placement with Project Nepal from ALL HANDS, a disaster relief organization. I will be based in Singhupalchok district north of Kathmandu, and helping the community recover from the two earthquakes (both higher than 7.0 on the Richter scale) that struck there in Spring 2015. A lot of the current work involves clearing rubble, but also demolishing more buildings that are structurally unsound and at risk of collapse in the event of another quake.

Going to Nepal is something I’ve dreamed about for years. As I recently told my friend, the idea of being surrounded by the most enormous, dangerous, beautiful, youthful, and literally awesome wonder of the natural word (the Himalayas) is magnetic to me. The devastation caused by the earthquakes is tragic, and I will be lucky to help the Nepalese people as much as possible in my month. But more selfishly, this is an opportunity to follow that magnetic pull.
There will also be a lot to learn about Nepalese culture, and I am undoubtedly looking forward to that, too!
I already have my plane ticket & travel insurance, my work boots and mess clothes. I’m all set. But ALL HANDS isn’t. They’re a non-profit group that works mostly off of grants and donations. So I set up a fundraising page through their website, linked below this paragraph. My goal is set as $1000, but that’s an arbitrary number. If you feel in the spirit of giving, please think about contributing to ALL HANDS. Your money will go to helping the organization’s several campaigns–along with Nepal, they’re currently performing disaster relief in the Philippines, Malawi, South Carolina, and Detroit. Again, if you contribute (even $0.50!!), your money will NOT go to me, except perhaps in the form of the food and housing ALL HANDS will provide during my stay in Nepal.
This is my fundraising page. On it you’ll find more information about Project Nepal and links to even more info about ALL HANDS.
When I leave Project Nepal on March 31, I will head home to America. I do not know how long I will be there, nor what comes next for me. I have loved my time as an English teacher but I do not feel a need or desire to continue teaching English (a shame, because that’s probably the easiest way for me to find work abroad). But my bucket list is riddled with unfulfilled adventures, and maybe  I’ll be able to check a few off the list after Nepal:
  • Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail
  • Cross-country (America) road trip
  • Direct a play
  • Work on a ship crossing the ocean

More on everything to come.

Be dareful!


2 thoughts on “Project Nepal: the Last Step in the Journey

  1. Paul, though I read this blog when you posted it a month ago, I never commented on it. I’ve discussed it with you, but I like to comment on your postings. Suffice it to say, I’m very proud of you for dedicating yourself to such challenging and important work in Nepal. Your time there will no doubt be fascinating and rewarding on many levels. All Hands is an impressive organization ~ glad you’ve gotten involved with it. You’ll be doing great work, Paul. This will be an adventurous step, and it definitely has a touch of “dareful” in it 😉 ! I give you a lot of credit. Love and hugs.

  2. So proud of you Paul — For your courage to step into new worlds, experience new people and places, and do do things that are in service to others. Respectfully,

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