Kickstarting Relief

I write this post as a letter to you, you readers who followed my blog when I was still abroad and adventuring.

You might recall that in my second-to-last post I announced I was writing a book about my experience in Nepal. About the trek to Everest Base Camp and my time volunteering with All Hands Volunteers.

Over the past months I have researched and written a first draft of this book. I’ve interviewed many fellow participants in the trek and read many articles about the continuing recovery efforts in Nepal, and learned about a friend from All Hands Volunteers who went on to begin her own disaster relief organization called Trek Relief.

The other day I launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the editing and publishing of this book, which I am calling We Look Up: Trekking & Volunteering in Post-Earthquake Nepal. For those who may not know, Kickstarter is a website where individuals can donate to other people’s projects in a process called crowdfunding.


Every penny raised from the campaign itself will go directly to making the book as good as it can be. But when it’s published in June, 2017, I plan to donate 25% of proceeds to All Hands Volunteers and to Trek Relief. So every contribution to the book is definitely a contribution to Nepal’s recovery.

Just because Nepal’s recovery fell out of mainstream news coverage shortly after the 2015 earthquakes, doesn’t mean there’s no more work to be done!!

If you’re reading this, I know you have already given. Thank you. You’ve supported my fundraising for the All Hands on Everest trek last year. That’s why, while I appreciate every pledge, I’m asking something else of you:

Spread the word! Think of five or ten people you know who would be interested in making a contribution not only to an up-and-coming writer, but also to disaster relief. Doing so takes only a few minutes and can have a larger impact than a single donation.

Read through the Kickstarter page. The following calculations for success of the campaign are based on the budget section.

  • 254 people pledging at the $15 level. Or,
  • 153 people pledging at the $25 level. Or,
  • 109 people pledging at the $35 level. Or,
  • 77 people pledging at the $50 level. Or,
  • Less than 40 people pledging at the $100 level. Or,
  • Just 16 people pledging at the $250 level. Or,
  • Just 8 people pledging at the $500 level. Or,
  • Just 4 people pledging at the $1,000 level.

The calculations illustrate something that’s probably obvious: that if 10 people reading this message can convince just four people they know to pledge at the $100 level, funding for We Look Up will be a breeze. On the other hand, it will take much more time and effort to track down 250 people to give $15. Everybody, especially family who pledged to my trek last year, please remember that spreading the word to people you trust to pledge is both easier, faster, and more effective than giving a single pledge.

Important note: Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing. That means if, at the end of the campaign (there are 27 days remaining), I have raised less than $3,810, even just by a single dollar, the backers are not charged for their pledges.


Thank you for reading. As always, be dareful.


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