$3 Roof Challenge

Hello. I live and work in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico for a disaster relief organization. The local community has requested that we work on rebuilding roofs. Seven months after Hurricane Maria, many families are still living under tarps that were only supposed to last a few weeks. Their homes are leaking, their cherished belongings wet and moldy. Each roof rebuild costs at least $1,000.

I am challenging my network to help me achieve a fundraising goal of $1,000, so that together, we can help brighten the future for one Puerto Rican family. It’s not a big ask. If everybody who sees this contributes just $3, or passes this fundraising link to their network with the same ask, we can make it happen quick & easy.


Photo by Ryan Stevens.

Puerto Rico se levanta!


Photos from Barranquitas

Here are some photos that have and have not already shown up on other sites. I took none of them myself, but I’m in a couple!

I am loving my time here and am thrilled to be embarking on the next step in my relationship with this organization. If you know anybody looking to help the people of Puerto Rico, please direct them to (1) www.hands.org in order to volunteer, or (2) www.give.allhandsandhearts.org/bagelboy in order to donate.


Me, painting a school in Toa Baja


Me, enjoying the fruits of Bagel Day #2



The Barranquitas community invited us to participate in a local softball tournament!


The two All Hands teams face off…


The whole gang came out to watch the spectacle!


Back at work, volunteer Noemie installs a ridgecap on a CGI roof


Volunteers KJ and Emma install wood purlins before attaching the CGI to this roof.